Self Hosting Progress

In January this year, I made the leap and bought a server. Thus began the journey down the road of being completely self-hosted and independent from Google or any other party. Below I will talk about what I have so far, and my future goals. Starting off, I purchased a DELL PowerEdge R610 with 128gb

Getting Started w/ Portainer

Portainer is a GUI for adding and managing docker containers with the option to run Windows containers too. This feature-rich application includes automated startup and recovery, App templates, custom image formatting, and much more. Here, I will guide you through setting up your Portainer instance. To start, spin up a Ubuntu VM, preferably Ubuntu Server

Splunk Common Queries

Quick Commands To see source types: tstats values(sourcetype) where index=winevent_kafka Search by port: index=* source=/nsm/bro/logs/current/conn.log id.resp_h=* id.resp_p=1182 Search by port and host index=* source=/nsm/bro/logs/current/conn.log id.resp_h=* id.resp_p=1182| spath “id.resp_h” | search “id.resp_h”=”” DNS QUERIES Top 10 Clients by Volume of Requests Capturing spikes or changes in client volumes may show early signs of data exfiltration. tag=dns

Links to Practice

The following links are for practicing Penetration testing, defense practice, and general resources. (big list of practice options) (Very unique opportunity to hack hundreds of VMs)

Kali Linux Links

The following are links pertaining to Kali and update instructions. How to get the latest version of Kali and keep it up-to-date going forward 1. Download the latest base version from 2. Run this (as root) to update, “apt update && apt full-upgrade -y” 3. Reboot Kali, “reboot” If

Networking Protocols

The following are links pertaining to network protocols including cheat sheets and general information. (helpful reference cheat sheets)

General InfoSec Links

The following are some links I compiled regarding general InfoSec topics. Your 5 Year Path: Success in Infosec: (Introduction to Linux video) (Linux cheat sheets) (Windows command line reference) (Introduction to number systems and binary) (Hexadecimal number system) (Excellent recommendations for