Links to Practice

The following links are for practicing Penetration testing, defense practice, and general resources. (big list of practice options) (Very unique opportunity to hack hundreds of VMs)

Kali Linux Links

The following are links pertaining to Kali and update instructions. How to get the latest version of Kali and keep it up-to-date going forward 1. Download the latest base version from 2. Run this (as root) to update, “apt update && apt full-upgrade -y” 3. Reboot Kali, “reboot” If

Networking Protocols

The following are links pertaining to network protocols including cheat sheets and general information. (helpful reference cheat sheets)

General InfoSec Links

The following are some links I compiled regarding general InfoSec topics. Your 5 Year Path: Success in Infosec: (Introduction to Linux video) (Linux cheat sheets) (Windows command line reference) (Introduction to number systems and binary) (Hexadecimal number system) (Excellent recommendations for


These links lead to resources on SANS and GIAC related Certifications and Training. (Cyber Security Skills Roadmap) (exam prep guide) (excellent post about how to prepare for the GIAC exams) (tool to help you create your index!)