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Articles and Guides written for the Cyber Professional


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Self-Hosting Update 2021!

Last year, I posted about my first ever homelab setup.  It was a humble little project, that has now been dwarfed by the current setup.  Below I will showcase what I have been up to in my free time in the past year, from hardware upgrades to software and services. Hardware Hardware upgrades are as…

Host behind CGNAT with Wireguard

An issue most Home Labs come to face when moving to a new city or state is finding yourself behind a different ISP, or worse yet, no ISP and using Fixed Wireless (Yikes). I wound up in that spot 6 months ago with fiber and a dedicated IP address just across the river. The frustration…

Haproxy with ACME Certs and Cloudflare

One of the biggest parts of a self hosted environment is your reverse proxies. Services that you host typically are on random ports, like Sonarr on 8989, or Plex on 32400. This is no bueno, and plus you wan’t protection for the servers these services are running off of. That is where a reverse proxy…

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